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Twinkle Gold Foil Stickers (Set of 4)

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Add a touch of elegance to your bullet journal or scrapbook with this set of four gold foil sticker packs. A striking collection of inspirational words and images will make your journal or scrapbook pages come to life. The gorgeous gold foil material will add subtle sheen to white pages or eye-catching shine to dark-colored pages.?

  • 4-pack of gold foil stickers
  • 21cm x 8.9cm sheets

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Therese Martin

The gold foil detailing creates a beautiful shimmer that enhances my journal pages and greeting cards. The set includes various designs, making it suitable for different occasions and themes. The stickers adhere well to my projects, and the quality is satisfactory. These gold foil stickers are a lovely choice for anyone seeking to add a touch of sparkle and glimmer to their creative work.

Quennie Warren
A Touch of Glamour with Gold Foil Stickers ☺

The Twinkle Gold Foil Stickers add a touch of glamour and luxury to my projects. The gold foil detailing is striking, and the stickers shine beautifully under the light. I enjoy using them to create elegant spreads in my journal and to add a special touch to my party decorations. The stickers are well-made, and the adhesive holds up well on various surfaces. However, I found that some of the smaller stickers could be challenging to peel off from the backing. Despite this, these gold foil stickers are a fantastic choice for anyone who loves to add a bit of dazzle to their crafting endeavors.

Janna Moises
Versatile and Stunning Gold Foil Stickers

The Twinkle Gold Foil Stickers are both versatile and stunning. The gold foil accents add a touch of sophistication to my crafts, and the twinkle effect is truly eye-catching. The set offers a good variety of designs, allowing me to use these stickers in various themes and projects. The adhesive works well on different surfaces, and the stickers stay securely in place. I've used them on gift wraps, party invitations, and even on my phone case to personalize it. My only wish is for the set to include more sticker designs to offer even more creative possibilities. Nevertheless, these gold foil stickers are a gorgeous addition to my crafting supplies.

Denver Moore
The Twinkle Gold Foil Stickers are simply breathtaking! ♥️

These stickers provide sparkling elegance to my journal, greeting cards, and craft projects. The gold foil accents catch the light beautifully and create a mesmerizing twinkle effect. The set includes a variety of designs, from stars to constellations, making it perfect for celestial-themed layouts. The stickers adhere well to different surfaces, and the adhesive is reliable. I love how these gold foil stickers elevate my creative endeavors and add a touch of luxury to my projects.

Pretty stickers

The stickers are so sticky and perfect for journaling!