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White Gel Pen

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A great white gel pen for highlighting and decorative elements for your bullet journal.

Writing tip: 0.8 mm

Customer Reviews

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Madeleine Odde
Very Ideal and helpful! ♡

The White Gel Pen is a must-have stationery essential that has become my go-to tool for various creative and precision tasks. Its versatility, smooth ink flow, and impeccable performance make it an indispensable addition to any stationery collection.

The White Gel Pen from Stationery Pal is a standout gem that effortlessly complements my study, office, planner, scrapbooking, bullet journal, and other creative projects. Whether I'm adding highlights to my notes, creating intricate designs, or writing on dark-colored paper, this pen delivers impeccable results with its opaque and bright white ink. The pen's fine tip ensures precise and detailed writing, making it perfect for both artistic work and everyday tasks. The ink glides smoothly on paper, leaving behind a crisp and even line without any smudging or skipping.

Sydan Peele
Enhance Artistry!

The White Gel Pen from Stationery Pal is a tool that enhances my artistic vision. This pen offers a fine and opaque white ink that allows me to add highlights, details, and fine lines to my artwork. The gel ink flows smoothly, providing consistent and vibrant results. The pen's fine tip is perfect for intricate work, giving me the control I need for precise application. While the pen works well on most surfaces, it may require a few seconds to fully dry to avoid smudging.

Ellaine Malik
Versatile White Gel Pen for Various Applications

The White Gel Pen from Stationery Pal is a versatile tool that I reach for time and time again. This pen is perfect for a range of applications, from writing and note-taking to crafting and art projects. The white ink is opaque and stands out beautifully on different colored papers and surfaces. The pen's smooth and consistent flow ensures clean and precise lines. The comfortable grip makes it easy to control, even during intricate tasks. Whether I'm using it in my bullet journal, planner, or scrapbook, this white gel pen always delivers exceptional results. If you're looking for a reliable and multipurpose white gel pen, this one won't disappoint.

Cole Tanna
Smooth and Pigmented Pen!

Anyone looking for precision and originality in their endeavors must acquire Stationery Pal's White Gel Pen. This pen is ideal for adding writing, accents, and other finishing touches to diverse surfaces. The simple flow of the smooth gel ink enables the creation of clean, even lines. This pen never lets me down, whether I'm using it to add a particular touch to my artwork, bullet journal, or scrapbook. The white hue stands out against both light and dark backgrounds because it is vivid and opaque. This white gel pen is an excellent choice if you want something trustworthy and functional.

Felicia Zubiri
A Must-Have for Precision and Creativity

The White Gel Pen from Stationery Pal is an absolute must-have for anyone seeking precision and creativity in their projects. This pen is perfect for adding highlights, details, and lettering to various surfaces. The smooth gel ink flows effortlessly, allowing for precise and consistent lines. Whether I'm using it for bullet journaling, scrapbooking, or adding a special touch to my artwork, this pen never disappoints. The white color is vibrant and opaque, making it stand out on both light and dark backgrounds. If you're looking for a reliable and versatile white gel pen, this one is a winner.