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Macaron Curved Pointed Tweezer - Purple

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It is a tweezer mainly for bullet journals and planners. Great quality tweezers for applying stickers to planners! It helps you place the stickers more easily. Each with its own uniquely shaped precision tips can perfectly close and pinch together. The plastic case protects the nib from hurting your hands.
Tweezer is antimagnetic, acid resistance, corrosion resistance stainless steel refining. Good strength, non-magnetic material, fingers will not fatigue, suitable for delicate work occasions in precision electronic industry, and operation containing magnetic rust components work, convenient, safe, long, sturdy, and durable.
Type: ST-15: This tweezer Tusi bent 45 degrees, suitable for extraction of components in a narrow place.
Size: 9×122mm 0.35×4.80 inches
Package dimension: 39×168 mm 1.54×6.61 inches
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Purple

Customer Reviews

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Aliyah Ramirez
Everyone needs this tweezer ♥️

The Macaron Curved Pointed Tweezer in Purple is a stylish and reliable tool for any beauty enthusiast. Its vibrant purple color adds a fun touch to makeup, and its curved design and pointed tip make it easy to grab even the tiniest hairs with precision. These durable tweezers are comfortable to use, making them perfect for shaping eyebrows and applying false eyelashes. The quality is excellent, and they come with a protective cap for safe tip maintenance. Overall, the Macaron Curved Pointed Tweezer in Purple is a must-have tool for any beauty enthusiast.

Charnee Smith

I i knew what these really were for, I would have already had a bunch of these in my mini stationery bag. Teaching my daughter how to take off the stickers makes me bond with her even more on her artistic side. I love it and anybody reading my review would too as well.