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Color Scheme Pen Set - The Black Zone

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Seeing the black reminds us the punk, which is the symbol of personality and pursuit. The black is simple but profound and permeates the design of our everyday life. If you are a cool person, you need to have a set of stationery that shows your inner world, it not only shows your unique opinions but also expresses your charm and the way you see the world.

What's more, these four pens are from excellent brands. Also, the set is equipped with four types of pens, to satisfy all your writing needs. Including marks on your notes, or quick writing. Without a doubt, it's the wonderful stationery set for you to experience your 2022 study.

4 items:
Pentel Fude Touch Brush Sign Pen - Black
Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen - Vintage Color - 0.5mm - Dark Gray
Pilot Juice Gel Pen 0.5mm - Black
Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - Fine / Bold - Mild Dark Gray

Customer Reviews

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Geraldine Soul
Highly recommended!

The Black Zone color scheme is an exhilarating blend of intense blacks and dark grays that evoke a sense of mystery and power. The pens in this set offer deep, rich pigmentation, perfect for creating striking contrasts and adding depth to my artwork. The pens have truly expanded the horizons of my artistic expression. The set includes a variety of pens with fine tips, allowing for intricate detailing and seamless line work. These pens feel comfortable in my hand, and the ink flows smoothly, giving me complete control over my artistic vision. The high-quality performance of the pens is evident in the precise lines and deep saturation they deliver.

Hell Quintine

Can I just say how spectacular this set is? I can't believe the black zone caught me off guard for its mind-blowing superiority. Never found anything like this before! Total package. I can't wait for more celebrating products that stationery pal offers! This is top-notch!


Listen, this one right here is giving me the villain in the city of ambers! The rich colors of black and their smooth quality is brought to the highest level. I fell in love with the moment the tip of these pens touched my paper. I can write with a soul using this set!

Musikaya Hadid
If you are looking for a set of pens that excites you, you finally found it!

The richness of this set gives is beyond me. I love that each of the pens had their variety and unique qualities that satisfies me yonder limit!

Kristoff Sandler

No way! This is the handsomest set of pens I got. The astounding hues of black that elevates the richness and smoothness of the pens. It has everything that I need and helped me grip to my emotions as using these pens every time I have something to write!