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Stationery Pal Stationery Set - Peach

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There has a scene that is a completely intimate moment in Call Me By Your Name. In the book, Oliver eats the peach and says "Because I want every part of you. If you're going to die, I want part of you to stay with me in my system." Love is boundless. The peach transforms a powerful connection between the two characters: a symbol of deepest trust, a memory of preciousness.

Stationery Pal has proudly released the Peach Set includes 14 items: a set of six 0.5 mm black ink gel pens, peach sticky notes, a peach notebook, a Kokuyo Dotliner adhesive glue, a Zebra Mildliner double-sided highlighter, a pack of peach stickers, a peach shape correction tape, a sheet of epoxy stickers, and an eraser.

Last but not least - "Pride is for everyone."

There are 4 items that can be bought alone:

Peach Sticky Notes
Minimalist Fruit Notebook - Peach
Kokuyo Dotliner Adhesive Glue Tape Roller - Pink
Zebra Mildliner Double-Sided Highlighter - Fine / Bold - Mild Dusty Pink

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Cassandra Martins
Have yours 🍑

Wonderful choice for those who appreciate adorableness in their stationery. The thoughtfully designed items, premium-quality materials, and peach-themed aesthetics create a harmonious and delightful stationery experience. If you're looking to add a touch of sophistication to your journaling or planning, I highly recommend this set. It's a perfect blend of functionality and beauty that will surely enhance your creative journey!