Plus Norino POD Glue Tape Limited Edition - Sakura

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Springtime in Japan is nothing less than magical. From late March to early May, the country's iconic sakura (cherry blossoms) capture the attention of visitors and locals as their beautiful flowers blanket the country in soft pink splendor.

Check out this Plus Norino POD Glue Tape Limited Edition - Sakura!

Plus Norino POD Glue Tape is a compact design with absolute performance. The bean shape design is gentle to hands even with long hours of use. This glue tape even features a tape jam inhibitory function, it can detect the winding defect and restore it to prevent tape jam.

Norinno POD has strong adhesion with honeycomb-dot, it also can be removed cleanly and it is easily refillable. If you enjoyed to us the Plue Norino, you would not want to miss this glue tape as well.

Customer Reviews

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this glue tape is amazing! just kinda sad you can’t buy refills..


This kind of glue tape are really useful when you need to stick larger pieces of paper without having to put too much glue. However it would be really good if you could sell the refills of all the Norino glue tape, because they’re really beautiful to throw them away after they’re finished.

Keren Y
So useful!

this tape is both super cute and useful! i use it for just about everything