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Solid Color Translucent Sticky Notes - Yellow

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When using large sticky notes, the content underneath is always covered. Recommend these sticky notes are not only small, but they are also translucent.

These sticky notes have a 50 mm square paper size and a powerful adhesive that allows for sticking repeatedly. It offers a writing surface that may be used with mechanical pencils, gel pens, and highlighters. It can be used to highlight passages in textbooks, make the reading index tabs, a daily reminders, etc.

Quantity: 50 sheets
Size: 50 mm × 50 mm / 2 inch × 2 inch

Customer Reviews

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Rae Cali
This is something worth it!

The size of these sticky notes is ideal for capturing important information or jotting down quick reminders. They are large enough to accommodate a decent amount of text, but not too big that they take up too much space on my desk or in my planner.

Ella Roe
Very helpful! 🌼

The adhesive on these sticky notes is excellent. They stick firmly to various surfaces, including paper, notebooks, and even computer screens, without leaving any residue behind when removed. I appreciate that I can reposition them multiple times without losing stickiness, which is perfect for rearranging my notes as my priorities change.

Delilah Warner
Delightful, I am very elated

The yellow color is delightful and adds a cheerful touch to my workspace. It's not too bright or overpowering, but it still stands out enough to catch my attention. The translucent design allows me to see through the notes and view the content underneath, making them even more practical.

Ren Fax
Vibrant and fun ♡

I recently purchased the Solid Color Translucent Sticky Notes in yellow, and I am absolutely thrilled with their quality and functionality. These sticky notes are a game-changer when it comes to organizing my tasks and leaving reminders in a stylish and vibrant way.

This is just awesome!

The Solid Color Translucent Sticky Notes in yellow have proven to be quite useful in my day-to-day activities. The yellow color adds a nice pop of brightness, making my notes stand out and catch my attention. The sticky notes are easy to peel off and stick to various surfaces. The adhesive quality is decent, providing a firm grip without leaving any residue behind. I appreciate that I can move them around and reposition them without losing their stickiness.