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Arttrack Oil-Based Colored Pencils - Set of 48

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Arttrack Colored Pencils give you multiple choices of creativity that can add fun and colorful design to your artworks. These color pencils are environmentally friendly since it is not made from rainforest wood, which protects not only your artwork but also our natural forest. This set comes with 12 different color pencils perfect for kids, students, bujo enthusiasts and so much more with these color pencils you can create beautiful watercolor effects with the paired blending brush it is also great for coloring books, mandalas, drawing, sketching, and more. You can enjoy these colored pencils with your family and friends! So hurry and get these Arttrack Wooden Colored Pencils.


Made of environmental material which is harmless to your health.
Used for writing, drawing, and sketching.
The print effect is clear, uniform in color, and not easy to fade.
Colorful, extra-smooth lines.
The drawing pencil outline fits comfortably into your hand for a smooth writing experience.

Customer Reviews

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Isn't this surprising?

Very impressive colored pencils set, I’ve used many brands and these are equally as good, if not better. You really can’t beat the price for a quality set. I’m always concerned when purchasing lower priced item but this time paying less really paid off. I’m going to stock up on these before they end becoming more expensive.


These are the best budget friendly pencils I’ve bought and I have bought quite a few. Rich in pigment and so smooth. They are so close to prisma colors

I'm obsessed with pencils

I bought 3 sets of colored pencils including this one. Wow, there are a lot of crappy, 3rd rate pencil sets for sale, and they just don't feel creamy and they are hard to get even a base color going and they just don't stand out. Or, you need to spend $50 to get something quality.

Not so with these pencils. These ones lay down a nice color and then fill in nicely and a set of 48 just costs $8. I bought them for my 7 year old because I don't like to share my things (wait, no, I'm really a great mom, it's just that she tends to break things and this way I don't have to watch over my shoulder when she "borrows" stuff, and then she can use her own..... ) Well anyway, she got these good pencils and I'm still using the cheap stuff...... If I borrow hers, then am I a bad mom? Well these are only $8 for a big set, maybe I'll just get another set for me... :)