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Color Scheme Pen Set - Olive

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The Stationery Pal Bullet Journal Set has a color scheme of olive. Olive represents an inspirational meaning. Whenever people mention olive, they will feel that it is beautiful and nutritious. This is the reason it gets deeply loved by business elites and health management experts.

What's more, these four pens are from excellent brands. Also, "Let life be beautiful like summer flower and death like autumn tears." It was from the great Indian poet Tagore. Our world is not only the present and the stubbornness, but also the poetry and the distance.

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Customer Reviews

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Olivia Ferrer

Where every stroke of these pens brings a sense of tranquility and sophistication to your artistic expressions. The versatile colors and superb quality make this set a valuable addition to any artist's collection. If you're looking to embrace the elegance of Olive-inspired creativity, I highly recommend this set. It's an artistic adventure into a world of earthy refinement, where your creativity flourishes amidst the natural beauty of Olive hues!

This "pen-junkie" is pleasantly surprised!

Oh my! This is a GREAT pen! I have a bit of a "thing" for pens and writing utensils. I enjoy trying new pens and get a certain thrill when I find a nice pen. This pen absolutely did not disappoint. I actually was very pleasantly surprised!
They were not expensive and, yet, I feel give a more-than-satisfying experience.
These write nicely and smoothly -- very, very smooth! No blobbing or clumping when writing cursive. Makes a lovely presentation.