Fluffy Pencil Case - Gradient Green

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Introducing the Fluffy Pencil Case, which is a charming pencil case with a furry hand feel that will keep you warm during the winter season. It has high-quality plush features that are soft and comfortable, as well as a large capacity that can meet daily needs. It opened with a zip, which was convenient and useful. It can be used to carry cards, coins, cosmetics, bills, and other items in addition to pencils.

Size: 210 mm X 110 mm X 25 mm / 8.27 inch X 4.3 inch X 1 inch

Customer Reviews

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Darling, this is top-notched!

I couldn't really fathom the quality of the product, it is super good! I often use this at school to carry important supplies with me. It has a lot of space to store things, and can be use anywhere. ♡

Ivana Benson

Fluffy? check! Quality? Superb! All-around? YES! Thank you SP for this beautiful pen case, I hope to buy more of this as gift to my niece - she's a fan of your products!

Stallion the Drag Queen
What a darling! ♥︎

Ha! I can be aesthetic with this pencil case! Not only for school purposes, but for fashion sense too. Oh gosh, very very flexible. Thank you Stationery Pal for producing quality product.

Delilah Stanford

Can I eat this? I can vision cotton candy instead of a pencil case. The multipurpose pencil case is very very convenient for a lady like me who would carry a lot of pens and supplies! The best!