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Foldable Pencil Case & Book Stand - Blue

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By folding, it can be used as a pencil case. By unfolding, it can be used as a book stand.

- The capabilities of the book stand
Students who are committed to long-term study must have a book stand. The wide-angle type can accommodate 180-degree unfolding books, and the multiple-angle position adjustment design allows for comfortable reading. It has a space for the book spine and a movable holder at the base to keep the books stable while reading. The transparent clips would not readily cover the reading contents.

- Large capacity and compact structure
The product has two sides of storage containers with a large capacity for stationery. The compact structure makes it easy to carry without squashing the whole bag space. It also includes complimentary stickers that can be used to creatively decorate the surface.

- Surface erasable whiteboard
It includes a black-ink marker pen and a fiber cloth. It can be used at any time for scribbles, marks, and notes.

Fold Size: 200 mm × 90 mm × 40 mm / 7.9 inch × 3.5 inch × 1.6 inch

Customer Reviews

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Legendary fire

I truly loved it because I could draw whenever I was free and I really did need a book stand so for a minimalist like me, it was amazing.

Legendary fire

This pencil case is amazing because I am free at many times and I can draw on it. I also need a bookstand many times so...

ayusha lama
love it

i love how it is multi functional but the book stand isnt sucure so pls tell me if i unfolded it wrong.

Loved it

This was the most spacious Pencil case like that I have ever had this is very unique.