Foldable Storage Box - Pink

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Want to keep your desk clean and tidy? Want to keep your stationery, cosmetics and other small items like figurines or keychains organized in different categories? Then you shouldn't miss this storage box!

When not in use, this storage box is foldable and can be easily stored in a very space-saving way.

When you need to use it, thanks to the square design, each storage box can be stacked on top of another storage box so you can use the space of you desk more efficiently.
This storage box is also perfect for storing your washi tape, pens, corrections, stickers and etc.

Size: 150 mm X 98 mm X 57 mm

Customer Reviews

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Feels flimsy but is actually quite durable

This box may take some getting used to if you don’t work with collapsable RPC crates for a living, and it seems flimsy at first, but they’re really quite durable. I wish they were a smidge larger in order to more easily fit pens and pencils, but overall this is a great product and the color is very pretty.

Alina Steinborm
So cute

So cute. I was looking for something like this

Setting up this storage box is a breeze!

The foldable design allows for quick assembly without any fuss. It's a simple and efficient solution for those seeking to declutter without grappling with complicated storage options.The versatility of this storage box is another highlight. It's suitable for various rooms and purposes – I've used it in my bedroom, living room, and even in the closet. The ample size provides enough space to accommodate an array of items while keeping the space neat and uncluttered.

Totally Amazing! ღ

My attempts to organize my home have benefited greatly from the Foldable Storage Box in Pink. Anyone looking for a fashionable and convenient storage solution should choose this one because of its elegant design, collapsible ease, and durability. I strongly urge anybody looking for a stylish and practical solution to organize their living environment and make it more beautiful to consider the Foldable Storage Box in Pink. Your home will be chic and well-organized with this storage box, adding joy and peace to your daily life.

Love it!

Very cute box and great for traveling! Love that it is foldable and easy to bring around! Can't wait to get more of these!!