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Muji Smooth Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Knock Type - 0.5mm - Black

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This is the new version of "Smooth Writing Gel Pen 0.5mm". Instead of a clear and gripped body, the new version is now encased in a frosted body. Its new chic design still allows the pen to have great fluidity in writing. Great for everyday use.

Customer Reviews

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Nice ツ

This pen's dependability is one of its best qualities. I've never experienced any problems with skipping or drying out, and the ink flow is consistently good. It is a dependable friend for my everyday writing demands because to this degree of reliability, which is extremely noteworthy.

Alana Go
Go-to Pen!

The Muji Smooth Gel Ink Ballpoint Pen Knock Type in 0.5mm Black has won me over with its smooth ink flow, comfortable grip, and stylish design. It is a reliable and versatile pen that consistently delivers a delightful writing experience. This is for anyone in search of a high-quality and elegant writing instrument. With this pen in hand, you'll find joy in the act of writing and take your note-taking and writing endeavors to new heights!

Perfect pens

These pens are set at a great price and are high quality. Will be purchasing again for sure

First Muji Product- Exceeded expectations!

I've never been on the Muji Stationery hype train. From when they became popular to now, I've stuck with my other black pens and because I felt like they were a little... overhyped for what they were? The only thing I might have considered wanting to get would be their black ink pens and the paper (refills for my Kokuyo Campus binder notebooks). So when I was going on my annual back to school shopping spree, I decided to pick this pen up to try it out.

First impressions/Pros:
- Clean design! I know this is what they're known for but holding such a barebones, minimalistic pen for once was an experience. I still like all of my colorful limited edition Pentel Energel bodies though!
- Surprisingly smooth ink. I heard that the original Muji pen (the one with the cap) was a little scratchy (?) and was designed to have a slight rattle when you write for a more tactile feel. I did feel some of that, but otherwise it wrote beautifully!

- It smudges horribly. I'm used to Pentel Energels, Sarasa Mark-Ons, and bLen ink, and they all dry very quickly on all types of paper. As a student, it's very important that my writing dries quickly so that I can move onto the next paragraph/not worry about smudging! After some trial and error, it seems to dry after about 15 seconds.
- Highlighting seems to be a no-go. I tried it with my Mildliners and it seems like they smudge horribly after the 15 second dry test from before. I waited another 15 seconds (so 30 seconds total), and it works.

Kat Scheer
Go To Pen!

I have learned that I love gel pens (not the ones from the '90s though). These pens have become a staple in my pencil case. I always have a couple on hand. They write so nice and feel nice to hold.