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Stationery Pal Stationery Set - Coffee

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A bitter flavor and mellowness set the tone for the day's taste buds. The smooth and rich texture enters the mouth, and you walk into the hazy environment to start a new day at sunrise. It's the best time to study and work, so grab your stationery and get started in the knowledge world!

You will enjoy a cup of coffee on a tiring morning to wake up the body. You will enjoy a cup of coffee to clear your mind in times of confusion. You'll appreciate a cup of coffee to lift your spirits. As a coffee lover, one cup of mocha or latte warms the heart. It brings you calm in the midst of chaos and peace in the hustle. Leave a cup of coffee, and start a new day! ☕️

This time, Stationery Pal has released the coffee set that includes 12 items: a Zebra clip gel pen, a Pilot Juice gel pen, a Monami pen, stickers, sticky notes, a coffee card, a pencil case, and a note holder.

Please be aware that occasionally there may be modest changes to some products.

There are 5 items that can be bought alone:

Coffee Stickers

Pilot Juice Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Coffee Brown

Holographic Cute Bear Stickers - Coffee

Stamp Washi Sticker - Coffee

Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen - Dark Vintage Color - 0.5 mm - Brown Gray

Customer Reviews

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Aesthetically, my favorite!

The Stationery Pal Coffee Stationery Set is a wonderful choice for coffee lovers and creative souls. If you're looking to infuse your journaling with the comforting allure of coffee, I highly recommend this set. It's a delightful adventure into the world of coffee shop charm that will awaken your creativity with every stroke of your pen!


Everything about this kit is WOW! Received as a gift, and it was probably my favorite! The pens worked GREAT!


This is amazing! It was packaged very nicely with a cute thank you note and was well organzied. Its literally the perfect starter set for me because I've never owned a bullet journal and I want to practice decorating the pages and such without spending a bunch of money.


I'm from the Philippines and the price is quite expensive, but the value it offers is non-regrettable! Amazing I say. When I made a purchase I was doubting if I made the right choice for spending a quite large amount for a set, but when it came to me I am very elated and well pleased! The items included in the set are stunning! It added my love for coffee!

Rina Zuckerberg

THE SET IS SO CUTE THAT IT MAKES ME CRY! I just want to add more and more of them because they are really pleasing and lovely. The thing is, the set is not just cute even the quality is very satisfying! The set includes a highlighter, gel pens, washi stickers, stickers, sticky notes, and a sticky note holder where every item serves high0end quality! It's a 20/10 for me.