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Triangle Corner Clip - White

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Have you ever been annoyed by the fact that the edges and corners of your books or papers are constantly rolled up? Don't worry, the Triangle Corner Clip can fix that! Each clip is held together with metal and can hold up to large capacity sheets of paper. The clips are long-lasting and have smooth corners. You don't have to be concerned about injuring your hands. Triangle corner clips can be used as a temporary bookmark or to organize papers, notes, music, and other materials, as well as to take notes and fill out tickets. Triangle corner clips are ideal for students, teachers, children, and book enthusiasts.

Size: 38 mm X 52 mm / 1.5 inch X 2 inch

Customer Reviews

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Great little tool!

This is great if you need to hold one side of a notebook down while creating!
It can hold a good number of pages and doesn't dent or mark them!

Berry Thompson

Good bye to my metal binder clips that always seems to get in the way of me flipping through a packet! I love the design of utilizing the corner. It’s almost like a staple but won’t leave holes in your packet! Note that these aren’t designed to use for thick packets of paper. However, they have a good grip and are so cute!

Courtney Hallow
I am recommending this!

They are excellent at doing what they were designed to do, which is holding corners together. These won't break under any pressure, unless I deliberately try to break them, I have a feeling. I'm thinking about purchasing a few more packages.

Patricia Swung

Excellent! The triangle corner clips is truly a life saver. It can be used on the flat side of paper products and are quite sturdy. I have managed to force this over a stack of 40 pages, and it hold very firmly, but I wouldn't advise using such force with anything delicate. It fits perfectly over corners. Although not designed to, it can hold that much paper together if necessary. I bought eight, very useful!

Ellen Joe
Highly recommended! ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ

Convenient. The product prevents the edges of a book from protruding while reading, I also use the clips on my book's corners and use it as a bookmark. A small amount of paper can be easily clamped. Fit paper firmly not scattered: The corner of the clamp and paper fit closely, more solidly. Overall, a great use.