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You successfully found the key and unlocked the cell door for all the stationary enthusiasts shouting Everyone, let's go. After calling out a few times, you realized almost no one was following you. Despite your urgency and exhaustion, even as you tried pulling and dragging them along, only a very few were willing to come with you. It turned out that most people had chosen to stay in the prison of social media on their phones voluntarily. Yes, persevering on the path of stationary is not easy.

In the end, with a tinge of disappointment, you managed to escape the prison along with the person willing to leave. As a token of gratitude, Caesar, a fellow stationery enthusiast who accompanied you, handed you a sticky note:

Wkdqn brx vlqfhuhob iru vhwwlqj ph iuhh. Sohdvh xvh wkh frgh 'Fdhvdu' qhaw wlph brx vkrs dw VwdwlrqhubSdo. L'yh ohiw d eodfn Pxml fds shq, pb idyrulwh, iru brx. Wkhb zloo gholyhu lw rq pb ehkdoi!

From Caesar

Dear stationery enthusiast, you've done wonderfully! Thank you for your help. Have you unlocked the message Caesar left for you on the sticky note? I sincerely hope you can decipher it and gain something valuable. Although not many are keen on reusing stationery, that's precisely my mission—to make more people fall in love with, or rekindle their love for, stationery through the power of collaboration. My journey continues, with more puzzles to solve and more stationery enthusiasts to support. My next journey is about to begin, and I've placed different rescue cards in numerous packages, making it possible for anyone to join me on my adventures. Will it be you who I meet next? I hope to embark on another adventure with you. For now, farewell, my dear!