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3 Slots Cable Organizer - Black

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Are you still annoyed by the messy headphone cables, charging cables, speaker cables, keyboard or mouse cables on your desk?

According to research, a neat and organized desktop can greatly improve one's learning and productivity. Just stick this cable organizer anywhere you want to organize your cables, and all your cables will no longer be tangled and disorganized.

All wires up to 5 mm can be used.
Use this product on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, wood, metal, leather, tile

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Naida Ludwig
Helps me organize!

Your cords will be kept in order and easily accessible with the help of this cord holder. I no longer have to stoop over and untangle cords from the bedside floor in order to find the cord I'm looking for right now. The cables are easily accessible right now. This three slots are adaptable and may be used in extra rooms in the house. Strongly advised, especially for individuals who have trouble bending.

Ben Harver
Highly Recommended!

These "cable minders," as I like to refer to them, adhere quickly and effectively retain my cords in place. I grew weary of constantly grasping the wrong cable while fumbling for one of the six that were connected in a cube. Now, all I have to do is quickly scan the clip holding my cords to see which one I need. It has spared me a lot of pain!

Thanks ♥︎

I'm setting up my room right now. My bedside cord organizer is now retaining the cords just fine. They will eventually be fastened to a work table's back edge and a metal bed rail. No concern with adhesion! All great.

Andy Louis

The slot hold the cord securely and the adhesive seems super strong. I am really happy with this one and the price is excellent!