3 Slots Cable Organizer - Pink

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Are you still annoyed by the messy headphone cables, charging cables, speaker cables, keyboard or mouse cables on your desk?

According to research, a neat and organized desktop can greatly improve one's learning and productivity. Just stick this cable organizer anywhere you want to organize your cables, and all your cables will no longer be tangled and disorganized.

All wires up to 5 mm can be used.
Use this product on the following surfaces: glass, plastic, wood, metal, leather, tile

Customer Reviews

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Greyson Love

There is nothing superior to this. While being strong, the adhesive doesn't leave any residue when moved. The gaps are excellent because they keep the wires in place and prevent them from falling like other brands, but they also make it simple to remove the cable from the gap if necessary.

Nicole Knowles
I recommend this a lot!

After years of having cables drop behind dressers, nightstands and tables I finally bought these upon a friend's recommendation. Now I wonder why it took me so long. Some small purchases can really make life just a little better. If you're tired of regularly or even occasionally having to fish a cable out from behind or under a piece of furniture you should grab these. You won't regret it.

Helena Belen
Satisfied as ever! ♡

I adore this item. Online shopping has never been my style because you never know if it would actually work or not. Let me say that I adore it. Although extremely powerful, the adhesive is still simple to remove if you need to move it. I wholeheartedly endorse it to everyone.

Patricia Kho

Up until this point, I had to constantly look for one (or more) of the three types of cable wires charging in my sofa. My life is so much simpler now that I always have access to charging cords for my Kindle, vaporizer, and iPhone. I'm a big reader and have back issues. I'm so glad I came this this! Sure, there are basic pleasures in life!!