Creamy Color Highlighter - Set of 6 - Salty

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We are so excited to bring to you the new series of highlighters. They are designed in light luxury-style colors. Those creamy light colors are designed for eye protection. Their soft tips give you a free and smooth writing experience.

There are two different sets available. Each set has six different colors. The salty set contains red beans red, lotus root pink, ivory orange, barn green purple, haze blue, and ink pine green.

Customer Reviews

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Soft and beautiful

I love these highlighters. They’re so soft, in both color and texture, they rarely bleed, and just look gorgeous in a book and on a page. I’ve been using them to annotate a novel and they’ve done a marvelous job so far. I’ll be buying them again. At first I was concerned because two of the markers seemed to have ink missing from sections of the chiseled tip, but it doesn’t have any effect on their usage so I’m no longer worried. If it becomes a problem I’ll update this review.

Aamna Fatima
Go for it

I bought it and it works really well!! Omg I cannot tell you about the quality 😊😊😊 just sooooooo pretty omg I have never felt something so pretty and from now on I will only shop from stationary pal but there is 1 problem, they are really costly. We can get something like this in 25 rs only so Idk what causes it to be so costly I think the Japanese logo?? Idk but of stationary pal is listening it please make it a little bit cheap because that is too much for an Indian so please it will be your pleasure if you will take down the price a little bit like the planner! See I can get this planner in 60 rs because over 100 is just bizarre!

So please cooperate we will appreciate your cooperation
Thank you

Super cute and love the colors!!

I bought both sets of these highlighters and they're my new favorite highlighters. The colors are really soft and cute, would definitely recommend. :)