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Double-Sided Acrylic Pen Marker - Set of 24

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Introducing the Double-Sided Acrylic Pen Marker, a must-have tool for everyone! This marker features a unique double-headed design, offering the versatility of two different tip types in a single pen. On one end, you'll find a soft fiber pen that glides effortlessly across surfaces, allowing for precise lines, fine details, and delicate strokes. On the other end, a hard fiber pen provides a broader tip, perfect for filling in larger areas and creating bold, vibrant effects. With this dual functionality, the possibilities for artistic expression are endless.

It is a type of marker that uses acrylic-based ink. It is designed specifically for use on various surfaces such as paper, canvas, wood, glass, plastic, and more. With a size of 170.4 mm, these acrylic markers are comfortable to hold and allow for precise control over your artwork. The set includes 24 vibrant colors, carefully selected to inspire creativity and bring your artwork to life. Designed for convenience and long-lasting performance, this acrylic pen marker is equipped with a cap on each end. After use, simply cover the pen cap casually to prevent the ink from evaporating, ensuring your markers stay in optimal condition for future projects.

Ink color: red, pink, light pink, carmine, light orange, orange, red-orange, yellow, bright yellow, lake green, army green, green, dark blue, royal blue, dazzling blue, blue, grape purple, lilac purple, purple, coffee, chocolate, black, cold gray, white
Length: 168mm / 6.6 inch

Customer Reviews

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Super good!🤩❤️

I'm actually love these markers, they are many good colours and easy to cover if you draw wrong colour. I promise it's worth the price!

Wency Harper
Ideally great for everyone!

The 24-piece Double-Sided Acrylic Pen Marker Set is a must-have for artists. The variety of colors provides unlimited inspiration, and the double-sided tips allow me to be flexible and precise in my artwork. It's an excellent package that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Liam Kitzler
My go-to ♡

The quality and performance of the Double-Sided Acrylic Pen Marker Set astounds me. The 24 brilliant colors are opaque, and the double-sided design allows me to easily switch between a fine tip for details and a chisel tip for wider strokes. It's an excellent set for a variety of artistic purposes.

Nadee Carter
Excellent Quality!

The Double-Sided Acrylic Pen Marker Set is an excellent choice for any art project. The 24 various colors span a wide range of emotions, while the double-sided tips provide excellent control and flexibility. This kit produces amazing results whether I'm working on graphics, hand writing, or mixed media projects.


The Double-Sided Acrylic Pen Marker Set has become my go-to for all of my creative projects. The 24 vivid colors are ideal for adding accents and details to my artwork. Because of the double-sided design, it is a must-have set in my creative supplies collection.