Extensible Pencil Pen Case Large Version - Khaki

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This is a large capacity extensible pencil case which can fit in 40 pens, literally a portable stationery storage pouch. Absolutely ideal for stationery addicts.

Size: 22cm x 6.5cm x 11cm

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My heart! ❤

This case is excellent; it has been helpful to me. I can fit a lot of items in it, and if I run out of room, I can expand my storage by unzipping the bottom. This case strikes me as both adorable and useful. I think it will fit well in my backpack and would suggest it for school. ☘

Julie Beckingham
Highly recommended!

I wanted something for a travel stationery kit. This is the perfect solution to keep it all in one kit for a quick grab and go. Zippers work well, fabric is nice and it's a great size for a watercolor, drawing, or crochet on the go kit. In fact, I will be buying several more of these bags to put together a watercolor kit, a drawing kit and a crochet kit.

Charity Davidson

Got this as my makeup bag and two naked pallets fit perfectly - one inside and one on the outside pocket, eyeliners for in the pencil area, brushes in the vented zippered pocket, all the rest in the big area. Perfect!

Jizzle Oli
Very helpful and quality is jaw dropping 🏵

OH MY GOSH! Package arrived yesterday, even it took two weeks before it arrived, it is all worth it! It is beautiful, extensive as defined, and classy. Quality is awesome, this is my favorite stationery item ever purchased.


Stylish and elegant. For someone who travels with vibrant pens, highlighters, sticky notes, and tabs, it is the ideal size. If I have my physical planner, graduate school work, Bible studies, and other things to carry, I almost always have my random Epiphany notepad with me. It has every feature I require. It's lovely, well-made, and the mint green color matches my style and is extremely soft. If you want to add a ton of extra items as I do, the bag also grows. And shrinks for those who like to live simply. Every cent is well spent.