Floral Correction Tape - Set of 6

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Introducing the Floral Correction Tape Set with various colors that brighten your day! The appearance of each correction tape is made of plastic and resin. The humanized holding design makes the product comfortable to use. Each correction tape comes with smooth gears that make the tapes easily pulled out. Also, the mini and compact sizes can be easily put in a pocket or bag.

Size: 90 mm X 175 mm / 3.5 inch X 6.9 inch

Customer Reviews

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Flowers and letters

I am in love with this flower-themed correction tape set! All of the correction tapes work smoothly and are super comfortable to use. It's not difficult to manipulate. Great product!

Alice Rabbi
Very darling!

I think this set of correction tapes are such darlings. They aren't just simple tapes, they are quality kinds.

Daffodils and Letters
Designed perfectly! ♥︎

The correction tapes are not ordinary, they are all set with high standards which is surprising. Designs are chic and flowery, of course. The best! Thank you, SP. I love using them.