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Kokuyo Dot Liner 2-Way Type Acid Free Glue Tape Stamper & Roller - 8.4 mm X 6.5 mm - Permanent

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The Kokuyo Tape Glue Dotliner Stamp is a new way of applying glue. Just stamp it with one hand, making for more efficient work progress. It is a convenient, easy, and non-messy way to apply "adhesive" to paper. The applicator roll across the area where glue is required. Then a filmy sticky film is applied to the paper in a continuous feed. It is suitable for lightweight papers. 
This dot liner can also use as a regular glue tape dispenser according to its 2-way design. Just flip the lid and roll it like a regular dot liner.
Dot liner uses a granular glue. Because it is a tape-shaped glue, it is not wet, can be adhered to without waiting for it to dry, and does not stain hands. 
The body is compact, yet it can stamp 600 times with this. Applies just the right amount, so do not have to worry about wasting glue.


  • Tape measurements: width 8.4mm x length 6.5m
  • Glue surface size: 8.4mm×10mm
  • Specs: strong adhesive
  • Adhesive application amount: (approx.) 600 times
  • Materials: Item case: R-PS, R-ABS, Refill case: R-ABS
  • Refill Type
  • Acid-free

Buy the refill here: https://stationerypal.com/products/kokuyo-dot-liner-2-way-type-acid-free-glue-tape-stamper-roller-refill-8-4-mm-x-6-5-mm-permanent

Customer Reviews

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Anna Manzano
Easy ti use

this a super easy to use glue tape, the only problem is that I can't buy the refill, even though have the link below. I want the refill too. Please