Kokuyo x Bungu Neko Loose Leaf Notebook - B6 - 4 mm Grid - Brown

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The Kokuyo collaboration with Bungu Neko Loose-leaf Notebook consists of high-quality paper, a clamp made of PC material, and a cover made of PP material. The clamp design is easy to open and close, just need to press the upper coils and the lower coils can make the notebook open conveniently. The D-type large opening design leaves enough room for the paper and farewell for the stuck. The specification of B6 size is portable for carrying with, taking notes handy. The appearance of lovely cat patterns can almost catch everyone's attention. Look at this loose-leaf notebook, it will bring you a different and fresh experience!

Grid: 4 mm
Inner Page: 20 sheets
Size: 176 X 125 mm / 7 X 5 inch

Customer Reviews

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Super Cute!

I ordered all 3 colors and they came in pristine condition. The paper it comes with (b6 4mm) is discontinued but the holes line up for a5 5mm and a4 5mm refills (although the big holes will look a little weird) and you can cut the paper to fit your preferred size. I was able to fit 60 sheets of paper into one binder and am still able to comfortably turn the pages


Really cute notebook! Just my question would be if you wanted to buy more paper for it, what size would you pick? B5, B4, A5, A4?