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Kuretake ZIG Brushables Brush Pen - 6 Color Pastel Set

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The Kuretake ZIG Brushables Brush Pen Set includes six pigment brush pens that are water-based. Its distinguishing features include lightfast and acid-free ink and dual-tipped markers that are similar in color but dark and light in different ways. It has a comfortable brush stroke that can be used on any paper. The entire set is ideal for making cards, lettering, and scrapbooking.

Please keep in mind:
Do not expose it to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
After use, replace the cap firmly.
Any pigment markers should be stored horizontally. If they are not properly positioned, one of the tips will become dry and unusable.

Colors: Yellow 502, Purple 803, Green 045, Blue 302, Pink 026, Brown 064

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Blanca Machorro
Son muy lindos

La punta es muy flexible y no se deforma, mucho mejor punta que la de los tombow. Me es más fácil hacer lettering.

Tanya Dela Cruz
Amazing Experience

I am from the Philippines, and man it may be expensive but the quality serves! So much appreciation for the pastel colors because they are pretty. It piqued my interest, glad I bought them. Can't wait to buy more and collect because they are worthy. Certainly this deserves a good review! Cheers to more of this set.

Adriana Moris

Everyone hear me out. This pastel set is SATISFYING and GORGEOUS! I mean it, very. Only Kuretake has a strong yet smooth brush, making it very easy to make many calligraphies and arts. The colors are thrilling! All in all, perfect!

Sylvia Warren

HELPPPP THEY ARE VERY PRETTY! I am obsessed with this set not only because they are pastel colors but holy they are something that everybody must have! Quality? Perfect! Colors? Amazing! Features? Girl they are superior. I'm going to buy more and more because they are addictive to use.

Sahara Goodman

These markers are perfect. The pack contains six and each marker has dual tips with two shades of the same color, so there are six pastel colors. The tip is great for both coloring and calligraphy. The yield is excellent in both cases, you can make beautiful shades. It may be a little expensive but hey, the quality is superb! and the fact that I love pastel colors too!!!!