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Book lovers must accompany by a beautifully designed bookmark! The bookmarks are inspired by works of art made by the great artist Monat.

  • Each pack comes in 4 magnetic bookmarks and has a size of 25 mm × 65 mm.
  • The two halves of the bookmark fold over your page, and the magnetic sides keep it from shifting or falling out.
  • Compact and easy to carry, these slender bookmarks do not add bulk to your books and personal planners.


Package Size: 155 mm × 105 mm / 6.1 inch × 4.1 inch

Customer Reviews

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Alliana Cooper
An iconic masterpiece!

Having it featured on a magnetic bookmark is a true treat for art enthusiasts. The attention to detail and vibrant colors truly bring the design to life.

Emily Raja
Versatile and convenient! :)

The bookmark is made from durable materials, ensuring it withstands regular use without losing its charm. The magnetic closure is strong enough to securely hold its place in the book, preventing any accidental slips or page folding. The magnetic feature allows the bookmark to easily and securely attach to any page, making it a breeze to find your spot again. Its slim profile and lightweight construction ensure it doesn't add bulk to your book, making it perfect for on-the-go reading.

Joyce Chen
So great!

Unlike traditional bookmarks that can sometimes damage pages or leave imprints, the Magnetic Bookmark gently holds the page without causing any harm. Its soft touch and gentle grip ensure your book remains in pristine condition. This bookmark makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for bookworms, art lovers, or anyone who appreciates beauty in the details. It's a practical item that adds a touch of elegance to any reading experience.

Marshall Stone
Beaut ♥.

Having it as your bookmark can create a sense of inspiration and imagination, encouraging you to dive into the book's world and indulge in your reading adventure. While primarily designed for books, this magnetic bookmark can also be used in notebooks, journals, planners, or any other paper-based materials you want to mark and keep track of. Its versatility makes it a useful tool for organizing and navigating through various documents.

Rochelle Amber

A must-have for book lovers who appreciate both functionality and aesthetics. Its combination of artistry, convenience, and durability make it an excellent addition to any reading collection or a delightful gift for someone special.