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Book lovers must accompany by a beautifully designed bookmark! The bookmarks are inspired by works of art made by the great artist Childe Hassam.

  • Each pack comes in 4 magnetic bookmarks and has a size of 25 mm × 65 mm.
  • The two halves of the bookmark fold over your page, and the magnetic sides keep it from shifting or falling out.
  • Compact and easy to carry, these slender bookmarks do not add bulk to your books and personal planners.

Package Size: 155 mm × 105 mm / 6.1 inch × 4.1 inch

Customer Reviews

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Sandara Tajindar
Very artistic and engaging 🤍

Magnetic bookmarks are kind to paper, it is so far from conventional bookmarks that can fold or harm book pages. My books will stay in top shape since the magnetic closure adheres to the page without applying pressure or causing any harm. Highly recommended!

Patricia Song
This is art 🎭

Unlike traditional bookmarks that can leave creases or damage book pages, magnetic bookmarks are gentle on paper. The magnetic closure clings to the page without putting pressure or causing any damage, ensuring that my books remain in excellent condition.