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Magnetic Bookmark - The Starry Night

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Book lovers must accompany by a beautifully designed bookmark! The bookmarks are inspired by works of art made by the great artist Vincent Van Gogh.

  • Each pack comes in 4 magnetic bookmarks and has a size of 25 mm × 65 mm.
  • The two halves of the bookmark fold over your page, and the magnetic sides keep it from shifting or falling out.
  • Compact and easy to carry, these slender bookmarks do not add bulk to your books and personal planners.

Package Size: 155 mm × 105 mm / 6.1 inch × 4.1 inch

Customer Reviews

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Lourdes Wilson
Unique Gift Idea!

The Magnetic Bookmark - The Starry Night makes for a thoughtful and unique gift for bookworms, art enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates beauty and functionality. It's a small but meaningful token that shows you've put thought into their interests.

Courtney Siang
Versatile and Portable

The compact size of the bookmark makes it easy to carry around in a book, notebook, or planner. Its slim profile allows you to slip it into any page without causing any damage or bulkiness.

Durable and long-lasting! I just love it!

The bookmark is made from high-quality materials that are built to withstand regular use. The magnet is strong and doesn't lose its effectiveness

Azalea Andrade
Stunning ⁠☆゚⁠.

The magnetic feature of this bookmark ensures that it securely holds your place in a book without slipping or falling out. It's convenient and hassle-free, allowing you to pick up where you left off with ease.

Cattleya Jones
Beautiful Design!

The Starry Night artwork by Vincent van Gogh is truly captivating, and having it on a bookmark is a treat for any art lover. The colors and details are faithfully reproduced, making it a stunning piece of stationery.