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Minimalist Glue Pen - White

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With this glue pen, you can glue things together with the ease and precision of drawing with a ballpoint pen. It applies the glue in smooth, consistent lines without spreading or globbing, and without shaking or squeezing! Use it to glue photos, ticket stubs, and other mementos into your scrapbook, or to decorate gift cards with fun glitter, confetti, or foil patterns.

Each glue pen draws a 0.5-mm line of glue, altogether has four colors: green, blue, white, and pink. The ink color is matched the pen body. Write slowly for the best results, and retract the nib when not in use.

Length: 140 mm / 5.5 inch

Customer Reviews

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Works perfectly and it's so worth it for the price. Recomend!

Elloy Winston
Affordable and great product performance ♡

If you're gonna me if it's worth it, yes is the answer! Features of the product walk me to an extensive worthy quality! The best!

Nia Ellis
Recommended! The best!

I am in love with the idea! This is wise and very useful. It is smooth and easy, it has beautiful glue color and features like no other ordinary glue has!