Monami Color Twin Brush - Gray Mood Set

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The Monami Color twin Brush pen is a double-ended brush pen with medium and fine sturdy rubber nib. It is easy to control pen pressure and is made of elastic rubber brushes to draw various thickness lines. The rubber brush tip allows for precise coloring and lining while providing the flexibility of a pen stroke. Using the fine tip brush on one side can draw fine lines and paint with the medium tip brush on the other side.

The brush is a thick type and a thin type of twin type that can be selected and used according to its purpose and will not break the brush even if used for a long time. There is no need to open the cap every time to check if it's the right brush. Simply look at the brush indicator on the side of the barrel.

The pen can use in various ways, including calligraphy, watercolor painting, drawing, illustration, etc.

This set includes six colors: Warm Gray 6, Warm Gray 3, Neutral Gray 1, Neutral Gray 4, Neutral Gray 8, and Pigeon Gray.