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Multifunctional Function Geometric Ruler

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For all of your measuring needs, this Multifunctional Function Geometric Ruler is an accurate and dependable instrument. It is made of soft materials, with rounded edges and unbreakable features that do not hurt your fingers accidentally. Also, you can easily fold and unfold the ruler. Perfect for use by professionals or students.

Drawn include:
  • Stereogram
  • Answer sheet
  • Function diagram
  • Wavy lines and straight lines

Please noted that prevent this ruler from high temperatures. Otherwise, the ruler will warp which affects measurement accuracy.

Size: 115 mm × 190 mm / 4.5 inch × 7.5 inch

Customer Reviews

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Antoinette Cromwell

The Multifunctional Geometric Ruler is an absolute game-changer for anyone working with shapes and measurements. Its versatility and range of functions make it an essential tool for architects, designers, and students alike

Brittany Whitlock
Works very well!

I'm amazed by the functionality of the Multifunctional Geometric Ruler! From measuring angles to drawing precise lines and circles, this ruler does it all. It's a must-have for anyone involved in geometry or technical drawing.

Tonee Fleet
Convenient and Efficient!

The Multifunctional Geometric Ruler is like having a toolbox in the palm of your hand. Its various functions, such as protractor, angle finder, and ruler, make it incredibly convenient and efficient. It's a reliable and versatile tool for all kinds of mathematical and design tasks

Mia Miller

I recently started using the Multifunctional Geometric Ruler, and it has made my work so much easier. Whether I need to measure angles, draw precise shapes, or create intricate designs, this ruler has become an invaluable part of my toolkit.

Valeen Garcia
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The Multifunctional Geometric Ruler is a fantastic tool for both professionals and students. Its multifunctional design saves space in my pencil case, and the clear markings and sturdy construction ensure accurate and reliable results every time.