Non-Sharpening Pencil - Yellow Body

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This is the savior for protecting the forest! One this Non-Sharpening Pencil equals 100 wooden pencils!

  • Aluminum nib keeps long-time writing without sharpening.
  • The cap can be clipped on paper easily that portable to carry around.
  • The triangular rod provides a more ergonomic design while maximizing comfort and control, and helps remain the correct grip way.

Length: 148 mm / 5.8 inch

Customer Reviews

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Pauline Farrel
Mind blowing!!!

I love the consistent line quality these non-sharpening pencils provide. The lead remains the same thickness throughout, ensuring smooth and even writing or drawing. It's a reliable tool for achieving precise and consistent results.

Clay Peterson
Engaging and environmentally helpful!

These non-sharpening pencils are a great environmentally friendly option. With no need for disposable sharpeners or constantly replacing broken leads, they reduce waste and are a more sustainable choice.

Klea Pine

The ergonomic design of this non-sharpening pencil is comfortable to hold and use for extended periods. The barrel provides a good grip, and the weight distribution feels balanced. They're ergonomic and easy on the hands.

Courtney Deem
Highly recommended! ಥ⁠‿⁠ಥ

I appreciate the versatility of this non-sharpening pencil. It caters to a variety of artistic styles and preferences. The simplicity of the lead makes it user-friendly and accessible for all ages <3

Modernly Convenient!

This non-sharpening pencils is a time-saver and a reliable tool for anyone who needs to write or draw consistently. It eliminates the need for sharpening breaks and allow for uninterrupted creativity and productivity.