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Oval Orbitec Correction Tape - Limited Edition - White

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Taiwanese company Oval specializes in correction tape and correction fluid. They respected its three values of environmentally friendly, innovation, and sharing.

This is the Oval Orbitec Correction Tape, which belongs macaron color limited edition series. The Orbitec is a patented rotating system that provides correction tape that can be applied and adjusted to any angle. The Smootec's refill allowed for a quick and smooth using process. It is refillable, the refill is the same with every Oval refillable correction tape.

Width: 5 mm
Length: 6 m

Customer Reviews

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Sei Eigenmann
Worth the purchased! ⁠♡

I love the design of the Stationery Oval Orbitec Correction Tape. Its shape fits perfectly in my hand, making it comfortable to use for extended periods. This correction tape is a reliable companion for any perfectionist. It applies smoothly, covers mistakes flawlessly, and leaves a clean and professional finish.

Pauline Azec
Recommended! The best!

The Oval Orbitec Correction Tape has become an essential tool in my stationery collection. Its innovative design and high-quality performance have earned my trust!


I'm impressed by the durability of this Oval Orbitec Correction Tape. It lasts a long time, ensuring I always have a reliable option for correcting errors.

Felice Banks
Product's quality is amazing!

Using the Oval Orbitec Correction Tape is a breeze. Its self-adhesive feature makes it quick and convenient to apply, saving me time during my work or study sessions. This correction tape is a real problem solver. It covers ink and pencil mistakes effortlessly, leaving no trace behind and giving my work a polished appearance.

Halle Doe
A must have! ♥️

I appreciate the versatility of this correction tape. It works well on various types of paper and doesn't smudge or create a mess like some liquid correction methods. The Oval Orbitec Correction Tape is a reliable and efficient solution for anyone in need of seamless corrections. It's a must-have tool for achieving neat and error-free work.