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Pentel Arts Milky Brush Pen - Pastel Yellow

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Introducing the Pentel Arts Milky Brush Pen, which is a new brush version of the Hybrid Milky Gel Pen with additional ink color. It uses water-based pigment ink, the opaque milky ink can be layered and works well on a variety of colored papers. The durable nylon tip can be used for wide strokes with solid colors and delicate lines using light pressure. Perfect for calligraphy, illustrations, decorations, and more.

This brush pen provides draw thin lines with relaxation and thick lines just put little strength into it. Combine these two techniques to create lines with depth. It is easy to control the thickness of the strokes, which makes lettering easy.

How to use:
1. Shake the pen until a clattering sound is heard.
2. Knock against the backside of the pen several times.
3. Once enough of the ink has soaked into the brush tip, press the brush tip of the pen against the paper.

Ink Color: Pastel Yellow
Length: 143 mm / 5.6 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A must have! 🖤

My sister works in the U.S, and her favorite stationery shop is Stationery Pal! I'm from the Philippines seeing the prices are quite expensive in our currency and I have been dreaming to have one of these milky brush pens! My sister gave this along with the other products and the package arrived last week! I am so happy! The brush pen works well! Impeccable!

Dara Watts

The design and quality of the product is beyond exquisite! It's so smooth and easy to use, plus, the ink color is satisfying. Highly recommended!

Za Holloway
Giving this five stars!

It works perfectly! It works smoothly and magnificently. I couldn't ask for more, thank you SP ❤️


Not fond of a yellow ink, I just find them too much. However, I gave this one a try and I am very much satisfied, a happy user! The consistency, it does not smear nor messes the pages of my art book, it is a pretty color.