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Pilot Juice Gel Pen 0.5mm - Doraemon Pink Set

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The Pilot Juice Gel Pen 0.5mm - Doraemon Pink Set is a limited edition set. The beautiful packaging is printed with the diamonds and Doraemon, and each pen has a dating scene of Doraemon and Mii-chan printed on it.

Doraemon often goes on dates with Mii-chan and Mii-chan was Doraemon's very known girlfriend in the 21st/20th century. Doraemon often dreamed of giving Mii-chan something and she would love it and these scenes are printed on the Pilot Juice Gel Pen.

Pilot Juice Gel Pen is famous for its high-quality Japanese ink. The Juice series is a collection of brilliantly colorful pens. The press-on design protects the nib well. The pen clip can be easily opened at an angle by pressing with the thumb, super easy to clip onto a book or pocket. The Rubber sleeve on the pen barrel can prevent slip when writing.

Doraemon Pink Set includes 4 colors: White, Pastel Pink, Pastel Blue, Pastel Green