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Plus Correction Tape Demon Slayer Limited Edition - Akaza

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The PLUS correction tape and the famous Japanese anime series Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) unite to bring you this amazing correction tape. This Akaza-themed correction tape is a stunner! If you know, Akaza is a powerful Demon who respected strength and enjoyed fighting, especially strong Demon Slayers. If the Demon Slayers were particularly strong then out of respect for their strength and thinking it was a waste of their talents would offer to turn them into Demons. Both the style and the quality of this correction tape are surreal If you are a fan of Demon Slayer, this correction tape is a must-have!

The correction tape's compact size makes it ideal for carrying in a pen case or other small organizer. It's also simple to use and refill, resulting in less waste.

Width: 5mm
Length: 6m
Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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Titan Kingsley
This product is user-oriented

Aside from a cool Azaka theme, the product is refillable that avoids excessive waste like other correction tapes. This is simple and convenient to many, learners to be precise. The style and and the quality is all there, no need to worry! Worth the price and worth to have.

Cutter Fabel

I like his character, he is interesting actually. The plus correction tape is superb! It is commodious and can be stored in a small pouch that saves space. It is natured-friendly too, a huge plus!

Conrad Gee
More Demon Slayer Theme!

My son and I have been watching demon slayer when we have the father-son bonding every weekend. My favorite is Tanjiro, but guess who my son likes? Yes! The antagonist himself, Azaka. So, when I saw that this plus correction tape is an Azaka themed, I purchased immediately and he loves it. It is handy and refillable. Highly recommended!


Azaka, the major antagonist in the Kimetsu no Yaiba slayed this product! Very very convenient that I can store in my small pouch and go wherever I need to. It simple and easy to use! A great item, it is eco-friendly by using refills! Thank you stationery pal! Yall must love the earth! 🤩