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Privacy Protection Roller - Red

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Are you still struggling deleting your private information the traditional way, by tearing off the paper and cutting it into hundreds of pieces? Or simply discard them without destroying the information? Grab this Privacy Protection Roller!

The surface of the roller is printed with Intensive text. Open the cap and roll it to the need-to-be part, it can perfectly cover the private information underneath. When the ink runs out, please drop the ink into the circle on the sides of the body.

  • Non-toxic and quick-dry ink, no liquid leaks,
  • Easy to use, a few times of rolling provides a strong confidential function.
  • Can be applied to invoices, package addresses, bills, credit card offers, tax returns, etc.

Size: 39 mm × 69 mm × 62 mm / 1.5 inch × 2.7 inch × 2.4 inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nelly Washington
Amazing Roller <3

The roller's design is sleek and modern, blending seamlessly with my home decor. It's a true statement piece that has received many compliments from guests.

Sahara Puck

In terms of durability, this roller excels. It adheres firmly to the surface and remains intact even after extended use. I haven't experienced any peeling or loss of stickiness. When I decided to reposition it, it was easy to remove without leaving any residue behind, which is a huge plus.

Priyanka Gill
Happy user!

I love the red color, which adds a touch of style to my workspace. The roller itself is easy to use, simply gliding smoothly. It's a great alternative to shredding, as it saves time and is more environmentally friendly. I highly recommend this roller for anyone looking to protect their personal information with a simple and effective solution.