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Shiba Inu Connecting Stickers

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Take your note-taking to the next level with these cute and clever connecting stickers. Forget about having to organize and keep track of receipts, printouts, and other loose sheets—with these stickers, you can attach them directly to the relevant pages of your notebook. Attach things to the front or back surface of a notebook page to put them front and center or attach them to the edges of a notebook page to make it into a fold-out flap that doesn't take up any extra space on the notebook page itself.

The stickers use a convenient two-step process to ensure that you can line them up straight along the edge of a notebook page and avoid touching the adhesive with your fingers. Tear the right side of the backing away from the left side, taking the sticker along with it. Apply the left side of the sticker to the edge of the notebook page, using the right side of the backing as a guide to make sure it is straight. Then, remove the right side of the backing and apply the right side of the sticker to the loose sheet you want to attach.

Pattern: 2 types
Quantity: 4 sheets
Size: 95 X 190 mm / 4 X 7.5 inch

Customer Reviews

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Carla Bellis
Can I have more!? They are extremely adorable!

My favorite stickers along with the Panda! Finally, a quality sticker that does not come off easily. I love how sticky they are that I could put them anywhere and anything. These are lovely products!

Alexa Cassey
My heart!

I am so in love with my Shiba Inu stickers! Did you know, that my favorite breed is Shiba??? I am grateful for this product because it made me feel like I also have one shiba that I have dreaming off for years.


I love these! I have two Shiba Inus, sadly due to college, I had to leave them in my parent's place just to keep them sheltered and safe. That's why these stickers are sentimental!