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When a butterfly approaches you, stands on your shoulder suddenly, with stillness and silence. People tend to believe it is meant to be, the loved one who passed away comes back with treasured memories. The deepest miss poured out during a short visit. For closing the distance, you softly lower your head, imploring god to leave a little longer time for the loved one, to still just longer. 🦋

Stationery Pal has proudly released the Butterfly Set includes 18 items: a pink butterfly sticker pack, a set of four 0.42 mm black ink gel pens, a set of 10 washi tapes, two metal clips (gold and rose gold), a stack of scrapbooking paper, a pack of hollowed butterfly scrapbooking paper, a crystal butterfly-shaped acrylic clip, four sticky notes, two junk journal embroidery butterfly appliques, and a glue pen.

There are 5 items that can be bought alone:

Butterfly Sticker Pack - Pink
Gold Foil Forest Tale Washi Tape - Set of 10 - Butterfly
Junk Journal Embroidery butterfly Applique - Purple
Junk Journal Embroidery butterfly Applique - White
Minimalist Glue Pen - Pink

Customer Reviews

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Tina Pham
It's the best pen journal kit I've ever bought!


Sarah Li

I was really happy with this purchase - everything came in great condition and I love the theme of butterflies. The pens are especially great and I love how smoothly they write. 10/10 would recommend!

Charisse Levi
Pretty! 🦋

A dream come true for anyone who cherishes the symbolism of butterflies and seeks to embrace transformation in their life. The carefully curated items, premium-quality materials, and enchanting aesthetics make this set a true gem for journaling and creative expression. If you're looking to spread your wings and embrace the magic of change on paper, I wholeheartedly recommend this set. It's a journey of self-discovery and growth that will inspire you to create artful memories and take flight into your dreams!