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Suatelier Deco Blossom Stickers

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Suatelier is a Korean brand characterized by its fun, whimsical style. Its sticker designs are cute and unique, perfect for mark and decorate your calendar, planner, or journal. They are available in a variety of fun materials and textures.

One sheet of stickers is included.

Size: 3.9" x 7.5" / 190 x 100 mm

Shop the entire Suatelier sticker collection at here: https://stationerypal.com/collections/suatelier-stickers

Customer Reviews

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Thalia Vancouver
Beauty in all Pink ♥.

These have left me in awe with their enchanting floral designs and impeccable quality. They bring the beauty of nature's blooms right to my fingertips, allowing me to create a captivating symphony of floral art in my daily life. I wholeheartedly recommend the Suatelier Deco Blossom Stickers to anyone seeking to add a touch of elegance and nature's charm to their creative projects. With these stickers, the beauty of blossoms will forever be a part of your artistic journey, making each creation bloom with grace and sophistication!

This is beautiful ❤️

The Suatelier Deco Blossom Stickers are truly enchanting! These stickers feature whimsical and dreamy blossom illustrations that create a magical atmosphere in my journal. The colors are vibrant and captivating, instantly grabbing attention. The stickers are well-crafted, and the adhesive works effectively. I enjoy using them to create fantastical spreads in my planner and add a touch of charm to my letters and cards. While I find these stickers beautiful, I wish there were more blossom varieties included to offer a more diverse floral experience. Nevertheless, these Deco Blossom Stickers are a wonderful choice for anyone seeking to infuse their creativity with a sense of enchantment.

Christie Thomas
Chic! ❀

These stickers feature sophisticated blossom illustrations in muted and stylish pink. The design is chic and complements my journal and planner spreads beautifully. The stickers adhere well to different surfaces, and the adhesive is strong enough to keep them in place. However, I wish the set included more variety in blossom sizes to offer more creative possibilities. Despite this, these Deco Blossom Stickers elevate my crafting and planning with their understated elegance.

Pink and Pretty ❦

The stickers feature a variety of blossom in pink! I love the artistic flair these stickers bring to my journal pages, scrapbooking. The adhesive is excellent, ensuring the stickers stay firmly in place. The quality of the stickers is outstanding, and they are easy to peel off from the backing. I appreciate how these Deco Blossom Stickers bring a touch of nature's beauty to my creative endeavors.

Feels like Japan!

The Suatelier Deco Blossom Stickers are simply delightful! The stickers feature delicate and charming blossom illustrations that add a touch of elegance to my journal and crafting projects. The colors are soft and soothing, creating a calming atmosphere in my pages. The quality of the stickers is top-notch, with a smooth texture and precise printing. I love using them to decorate my planner, create floral-themed greeting cards, and even embellish my gift wraps. The adhesive is reliable, ensuring the stickers stay in place without any issues. If you adore floral designs and appreciate the beauty of blossoms, these Suatelier Deco Blossom Stickers are a must-have for your stationery collection!