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Sun-Star Stickyle Scissors - Compact Type - Blue X Beige

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With a convenient pen-style design and cap, these Sun-Star Stickyle Pen Style Scissors are a handy way to keep with you wherever you go! These compact, cleverly capped scissors are perfect for tucking into a pen case, purse, or even a cosmetics pouch so that you'll always have a pair of scissors on hand. Pop off the cap, and the scissors open thanks to the spring-loaded handles automatically. The scissors are carefully designed to open up to an angle that ensures they are comfortable and easy to use. A small bump on the cap prevents it from rolling away.

Blade Length: 30 mm / 1.2 inches
Blade Material: Metal
Features: Compact
Handle Color: Blue X Beige
Handle Material: Plastic
Size - Length: 109 mm / 4.3 inches
Size - Width: 12.6 mm / 0.5 inches

Customer Reviews

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This item is great!

All in all great product, since they are smaller they aren’t great for big things to cut but it is safe and can be carried anywhere. The color is very pretty too! With this, I don't even have to worry about losing the cap. It literally shrinks half the length when pushed it, so it's very compact and can be stored SAFE.

Matthew Garfield
Progressively helpful!

I bought this item on a whim based on an influencer from a social media platform. Best purchase so far! It’s so handy and so easy to use. It takes up as much space as a pen. I’ve used it more times than I thought I would. At first I thought it was just a cool thing to have “just in case” and now I’m glad I have it and would most definitely purchase again if I had too. I also think it’s a lot safer to carry than a regular small scissors because it has a cover and to use the scissors you need to click up which means it doesn’t pop open suddenly when the cover is removed! That’s super helpful especially with little kids around.


I was looking for a mini scissor to put in a pencil case and this totally fits the bill. Not only are the sharp blades protected by a cover, it cuts nicely. I love this scissor. I have another pair, one in my travel bag. They are super sharp and the cover and compact makes them easy to travel with or store.

Ashley Gretel

It is very portable. Compared to the normal size, it is not as comfortable to use and I'm thinking of getting a second one because it's so handy. It saves space too so it is really convenient for many people. I like that it is compact like a pen. The match of the colors are appealing too!

Easy to use and very convenient

Easy and safe to use. Compact and convenient to carry it anywhere