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Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Art Marker - Cool Gray 10 - PN45

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The new Tombow ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Marker is a permanent dual-tipped art marker with a flexible brush tip and chisel tip in one. There are 107 colors along with a blender pen in the full ABT PRO set. The numbering system is similar to the Dual Brush Pens to enable quickly identify which colors are the same. The ABT PRO brush tip is made of nylon, while the chisel tip is made of polyester. Similar in design to Tombow’s flagship Dual Brush Pen, the ABT PRO features a slender barrel for a natural, comfortable grip during use and is ideal for artists, designers, and crafters.
The flexible brush head and the highlight pen head not only facilitate writing but also mark keynotes. The flexible high-quality Japanese nib can uniformly dispense ink as the pressure changes. The durable polyester chisel tip retains its shape even after heavy use.
The ink is quick-drying and does not fade quickly, and is waterproof for the pen contains alcohol, which evaporates quickly. Because alcohol ink can dry out quicker than water-based ink, it is recommended a maximum cap off time of 15 minutes for the chisel tip and 15-30 minutes for the brush tip. If the pen dries out, replace the cap on the marker for 24 hours to revive the ink.
ABT PRO Alcohol-Based Markers are designed with air-tight caps to prevent alcohol ink from drying out. Inner caps auto-center to protect nibs when re-capping markers.
ABT PRO markers feature-rich color saturation. Permanent, alcohol-based ink is fast-drying, vibrant, and great for layering and shading. It is great for creating a fully saturated, rich color blends. Also, it is super suitable for layering and shading.
Professional quality markers are ideal for graphic designers, illustrators, and professional artists. Permanent ink is long-lasting and won’t pill paper.
ABT PRO Markers come in 108 colors and include a wide range of skin tones for drawing a diverse array of people with unique hair, eyes, and other distinct features. So it is great for skin tones. And it is very suitable for fashion illustrations. The consistent flow of ink makes the ABT PRO easy to use on marker paper and is ideal for fashion illustration. Rich pigment ink layers perfectly to create a range of vibrant color values.
  • The ABT PRO markers should be stored horizontally.
  • The ABT PRO is not refillable.
  • The line width of the chisel tip is 5.5mm.
  • The line width of the brush tip is 5.3mm.