Uni-ball One F Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Limited Color - Lilac Body

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The Uni-ball One F 0.5 mm Limited Color Gel Pen has arrived! Each gel pen has a "stabilizer mechanism" that allows for stable writing with a low center of gravity. A metal pen tip with improved dimensional accuracy is used for the refill tip, resulting in a low center of gravity, a stable and smoother writing feel. It's not only comfortable to write with, but the one-point metal nib emphasizes the sharpness of the design, making it appear more sophisticated and high-quality.

Furthermore, by lengthening the tip, the streamlined shape of the tip is smoother, giving a clean overall impression. It is suitable not only for studying and writing but also for drawing and painting.

· Equipped with a "stabilizer mechanism" that writes stably and smoothly with light force
· one-point metal nib accentuates the sophisticated the design
· The oval-shaped "open wire clip" can be easily clipped

Ink Color: black
Ball Diameter: 0.5mm

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Love this pen!

I just love uni-ball pens. This is a gorgeous shade of purple and the ink is smooth.