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Uni-ball One Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Black (Black Body)

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The newly developed "uni-ball one" ink, unlike general gel ink, uses a new pigment that minimizes the penetration of coloring materials into the paper fibers. The pigment used in "Uniball One Ink" is a uniquely developed bead pack pigment in which conventional coloring materials are enclosed in particles.

General quick-drying ink achieves quick-drying by speeding up the penetration of the ink into the paper surface. As a result, ink bleeding or strikethrough may occur. The newly developed "Uniball One Ink" changes the composition ratio of solid and liquid in the ink to allow the liquid components to quickly penetrate into the paper surface while leaving the coloring material, which is the solid content, on the paper surface. Even though it is a quick-drying ink that penetrates quickly into the paper surface, it does not bleed or strike through to prevent the color material from being absorbed into the paper surface.

The body design is simple and straight. The black ink uses a black body color that emphasizes the darkness, and the color ink uses an off-white body color that blends into your living space to create a calm impression. In addition to its stylish design, the oval-shaped "Open Wire Clip" is a movable clip that can be easily inserted into a notebook or notebook, and is a specification that also has functionality.