Uni Pin Pen - Pigment Ink - Size 08 - 0.8 mm - Black

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Uni's high-quality "Super Ink" is not only water and light-resistant but also "Tamper-Resistant", meaning that the ink can not be washed using chemicals. These pigment ink-based pens provide intensity, depth, and water-resistance without bleedthrough. The quick-drying ink means smudge-free erasing while inking over drawings. They can also be used with watercolor work, as the ink will not smudge when wet.
Uni Pin Fine Liners have nibs supported and protected by steel collars, extending the life of the pen and preventing damage from use with stencils.
The long and metal-clad tip is especially suitable for use with rulers and stencils. The Fineliner pen ergonomic also features a grip zone and pocket clasp. The fine lines that the Uni Pin Pen produces are perfect for technical drawing, and the pen can write for about 2000 meters before running out of ink. It is ideal for artists, illustrators, and designers alike.
Nib size: 0.8mm
Ink color: Black