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12 Paper Clips Hacks You Must Know!

12 Paper Clips Hacks You Must Know!

Hello friends, and welcome to another stationery blog! Are you ready to learn tricks that you wished you knew sooner? Well, this one might be for you!

Today, we are revealing 12 paper clip hacks that will not only save your day but also add a touch of magic to your daily routines. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone who appreciates the beauty of stationery, these tips are bound to spark your interest.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Phone Stand Using a Paper Clip

Turn your ordinary paper clips into a sleek phone stand! Use two large paper clips bent with pliers to create a sturdy stand for your phone. It's a clever and inexpensive way to keep your device at the perfect angle on your desk.

2. Paper Clip Hacks to Fasten Bracelets

Struggling to put on a bracelet? Fear not! Grab a paperclip and follow these 5 simple steps to fasten your bracelet effortlessly.

1. Straighten the paperclip to create an "S" hook shape.
2. Insert one end of the paperclip into the clasp hole.
3. Hold the other end of the paperclip to steady the bracelet as you close the clasp.
4. With your other hand, secure the bracelet's clasp.
5. Take out the paper clip, and you're all set!

3. DIY Bookmarks

Why spend money on expensive bookmarks when you can make your own? Simply attach a button or tie a pretty ribbon around the end of a paperclip. Use them to mark your favorite pages or bind a few interesting pages together.

4. Unstuck Your Zipper

Don't let a stuck zipper ruin your day! Loop a paperclip through the zipper for that extra grip. It's a quick fix that might just save you from a wardrobe malfunction.

5. Bind a Bunch of Papers

Paper clips aren't just for single pages! Use them to bind a book or a bunch of papers together, a perfect solution for keeping your kids' artwork organized.

6. Open Sealed Envelopes with Paper Clips

Get a paper clip and make it straight. Use it like a simple, long tool to open an envelope. Find where the envelope is closed, right where the flap sticks. This is where the paper clip works. Slide it gently between the flap and the envelope, not too hard. The paper clip is thin, so it won't rip the paper. This way, you can easily open the envelope.

7. Hang Photos

Display your favorite memories without damaging them. Attach paper clips to photos and use a pin through the bend to fasten them to a board.

8. Hang Ornaments

Make decorating a breeze by using paper clips to hang ornaments. Simply slide one end through the ornament loop and use the other end as a hook.

9. Paperclip as Ejector Tool

Need a tool in tight spots? Straighten out a paper clip to create a clean and sharp phone prick. Perfect for reaching that secret button to reformat your phone.

10. Bag Security 101

Worried about your bag accidentally opening? Paper clips to the rescue! Discover how strategically placed paper clips can act as reliable safeguards, ensuring your belongings stay safe and sound.

11. Make a Key Ring

Transform a paperclip into a unique key ring. Wrap it around a marker twice to create a circular shape, slide it off, and add your keys.

12. Easily Find the End of Tape

Put an end to the frustration of searching for the tape end. Stick a paper clip at the end after opening to ensure easy access every time.

And there you have it! These twelve paperclip hacks demonstrate how useful paperclips can be beyond their typical office use. Whether you want to tidy up your workspace, solve everyday issues, or just have fun being creative, these hacks have you covered.

So what are you waiting for? Try these hacks now! And if you have more tricks, tell us in the comments!

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