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Explore Colors with Pentel Mattehop!

Explore Colors with Pentel Mattehop!

Hello, everyone! Welcome to a world full of vibrant colors and endless imagination! Today, we're excited to introduce Pentel's latest creation, the Mattehop gel ink ballpoint pen, a perfect blend of convenience and creativity. 

Get ready to be an artist! With Pentel Mattehop, even your simple doodles can become amazing masterpieces. It's like a magic wand for your creativity, helping you make your drawings and ideas look incredible. Join us on this colorful adventure, and let your imagination go wild! With Mattehop, there are no limits to what you can create!

The Mattehop

Picture a pen that lets you draw, doodle, and write with unmatched brilliance, making your illustrations stand out and your letters come alive on paper. Mattehop offers 14 rich and vibrant colors, turning ordinary art into creative canvases. Whether you're an aspiring artist, a passionate doodler, or someone who enjoys adding color to everyday life, Mattehop opens the door to a world brimming with endless creative options.

The Magic Behind Mattehop!

Mattehop is amazing because of its special ink. It's like painting with stickers! The ink is bold, so your drawings can be seen clearly on light or dark paper, and even on photos. Plus, it dries to a smooth matte finish, making your art look professional and really cool. The ink is highly opaque and pigmented, making your creations stand out vividly, even on dark colored paper, photos, and masking tape.

Why Mattehop is a Game-Changer!

14 Shades of Mattehop Colors

Step into a world where colors sing and creativity knows no boundaries! Pentel Mattehop, with its stunning palette of 14 unique shades, is here to add a splash of brilliance to your artistic endeavors. Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange, Violet, Black, Pink, Yellow Orange, Sky Blue, Yellow Green, Coral Pink, Ivory White, and Brown!

High Opacity Matte Ink

Oh, did we mention the ink? It's pure magic! Mattehop's ink dries to a matte, plastic-look finish, adding that touch of professionalism to your creations. It's like giving your artwork a secret ingredient for maximum impact!

Versatile and Creative

Draw, color, or write? Whatever your heart desires, Mattehop brings your ideas to life effortlessly. It's not just a tool but it's your creative sidekick, always there to support your imaginative journey. With Mattehop by your side, you turn every moment into a masterpiece!

Sweet Treat Packaging

Experience creativity like never before with Mattehop's delightful packaging! When you open a Mattehop set, it's like unwrapping a sweet candy. ust like enjoying your favorite sweets, using Mattehop is a delightful experience. It leaves a lasting impression on your artistic journey, making every creative project a tasty adventure!

There you have it! Pentel Mattehop is more than just a pen, it's a whole experience of fun and creativity! It's like a lively party of colors, a chance to show how creative you can be. So, why wait any longer? Grab your Mattehop pen, start drawing, and let the colors dance on the canvas of your imagination. Watch the magic unfold before your eyes! Happy creating!

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