FREE Printable A4 Note Paper

by Christina T on April 25, 2019

How was your day? As per requested by some followers on Instagram, we created some printable note paper for y' all. There are 5 different printings including Line (5 mm/6 mm/7 mm), Grid (5 mm), and Dot (5 mm). Hope you will like it. 

Download link (Google):

Printable Note Sheet A4 Dot 5mm

Printable Note Sheet A4 Grid 5mm

Printable Note Sheet A4 Line 5mm

Printable Note Sheet A4 Line 6mm

Printable Note Sheet A4 Line 7mm


by Oumnia ridjaline on August 30, 2020

Hi i’m oumnia from algeria I really like your products and wish you good luck
yours oumnia

by Anna Leykauf on August 04, 2020

Hi statinoerypel,
I am from Germany and I fell in love with your great products. I would love to have a cooperation with you. I would make some advice for you on tik tok.
Pleose think about it.
Yours Anna

by Maral Dewan on July 04, 2020

Re: notepid

Good afteenoon are there any notepad available for it now.

Your faithfully


Maral Dewan

by Lina on April 04, 2020

Thank you, Christina! This is so useful!

by julie on December 06, 2019

want a background from a note