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Here Comes the Sun Radar Eraser!

Here Comes the Sun Radar Eraser!

1915 saw the birth of a rubber production company, which is a pioneer and a legend in the eraser manufacturing business, called the SEED Rubber Co., Ltd. Here’s a big scoop – they are the ones responsible for the world’s first ever plastic eraser, correction tape, and paper recycling machine! Talk about mind-blown! Where would we be without SEED’s innovations?

As an eraser manufacturer, SEED also designed and engineered the Clear Radar series, a transparent eraser that is an innovation in itself. Users rave about this because with its transparency, you can see through the parts you are erasing for spot-on accuracy!

And now, SEED introduces another eraser that will leave you raving one more time: the Sun Radar Eraser!

Consistent with its predecessor, the Sun Radar is another type of plastic eraser, which is soft but resilient to tearing and breakage.

Due to its material, it erases cleanly and has a light and easy grip! You won’t have to worry about little debris brushing off your paper *wink wink*

And the best and most novel of them all – the Sun Radar changes color under the sun! The pink one turns to violet, the light green turns into blue, and the light blue turns into green! With its premium performance, the Sun Radar has been granted an esteemed certification by the Japan Eraser Manufacturers Association.

Give yourself a treat and get ahold of your own Sun Radar Eraser! Head onto Stationery Pal website to avail it for 15% off when you use the discount code “Latte15”. Go and experience the magic – erasers can never get any better than this!

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  • shizaa

    probably gonna add this to my cart even though i’ve already added a lot of erasers haha

    July 08, 2023
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