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How To Review Year 2022

How To Review Year 2022

As we approach the end of the year, I find myself reflecting on how much has happened since the start of the year. I've had a hectic year, and I'm sure many other people were busy as well. It might be challenging to determine what was genuinely significant in your life during the past year because so many things—some good, some bad—have happened.  Everybody wants to better themselves and their lives, but sometimes it seems as though there aren't enough hours in the day or resources to achieve such things. You're just not sure where to begin! Reviewing what went well and what didn't throughout the past year is a good start.

Take a deep breath, and pause!

Take a deep breath and pause. It's time to reflect on this year's events and anticipate what the coming year will bring.

You should be happy with what you've accomplished this year.  However, also remember all the things that didn't go according to plan. Because they were also part of life that contributes to our growth and learning.

Consider your objectives for 2022.  What did you plan to do differently?

Here are some questions that will assist us in gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves in 2022:

What went well this year?

You may be wondering, “What went well this year?”

  • What went well in your life this year?
  • What went well at work/school?
  • What went well in your relationships?
  • What went well with your health, fitness, and diet this year?
  • What went well with your finances?

Whatever worked well for you this year needs to be acknowledged!

What didn't go so well?

It's time to examine what went wrong, now that you've evaluated your year. What went wrong with the plan? What were some of your biggest challenges this year? How did they happen, and what can you do differently the next time to prevent them from happening again?

Where did you struggle?

Looking back on the year and analyzing how it went is not always simple. However, once you have that viewpoint, it may be quite helpful. It can help you see where your time was invested wisely, where you need to spend more or less time in the future, and what things weren't working as effectively as they could have.

Consider the most difficult situations you encountered this year. What were their consequences? How did they impact your productivity? How much money did they cost? What lessons did they impart that could be helpful for the following year?

Did you meet your goals?

Examining your accomplishments and areas of weakness at the end of each year is one of the most crucial things you can do. Now is the moment to reflect on your situation and determine whether or not your goals are in line with what’s going on in your life.

What did you learn?

Another important thing you can review is what you learned. This question will help you identify your key learnings, both positive and negative.

Recall the significant occasions from the past year and respond to the following questions:

  • What did I learn about myself?
  • What did I learn about others?
  • What did I learn about my studies/business/industry/profession?

Did you try new things?

Have you gone out of your way to try new things this year?  Did you do things you didn't think you could?  Did you learn new skills and become more productive than you thought possible?

Next year, as a result of all the positive changes made in your life, it will be even easier to keep up with them. The habits that were hard to get into will now become part of your system.

Reviewing your year will help you succeed next year.

Setting goals for the following year will be easier after reflecting on the successes and failures of 2022. Remember your objectives and assess whether you succeeded in achieving them. If you succeeded in achieving them, give yourself a pat on the back and recognize your accomplishments. If it's the other way around, though, you have the chance to reflect and identify the factors that prevented you from accomplishing it, allowing you to change and do better the next year.  You can also use this time to set new goals, reconnect with friends, or simply unwind and have fun! Always keep in mind that if you don't make time for yourself, then who else will?

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Omg! This is so helpful! TY!!!

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